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Basic Recording Session Package Prices

  • 200 CDs With Session $1395.00
  • 1000 CDs With Session $2495.00

The above prices include up to 12 hours studio time, and they include all the *basic art design for your CDs (the artist will need to supply the digital photos). Studio time over the 12 hours included is $70.00 per hour. These prices do not include West Virginia tax, shipping, or any studio musicians.

The basic CD package includes a 4 panel booklet, with only panels 1 and 4 being used and in full color (4 over 0), a tray card with color on one side (4 over 0) and up to 3 colors on the disc itself! Many other printing options are available but because they may result in additional printing fees, they will be quoted on a per project basis.

* Premium Graphic Packages Are Available! Contact our graphics department for all the pricing and details! (extra printing fees may apply)

Product Reorder Prices

  • *100 CD Reorder $ 495.00
  • *200 CD Reorder $ 790.00
  • 1000 CD Reorder $1395.00

Once you have sold your initial order of CDs, you can reorder more at these prices. As usual, these prices do not include West Virginia tax, or shipping. (*Short Run CDs Only – Less Than 100 are $4.95 each)

…Some things you may need to know…

Studio Musicians: Our session musicians are among the very finest to be found, anywhere! The base price for our 4 piece studio band is between $1300.00 to $1500.00 for a ten song session or up to eight hours. There are some exceptions, please call for details. If you have your own musicians and would like to use some of ours too, simply give us a call and we will help you with the details.

Producer/Session Leader: More and more recording artists have been choosing to have a producer work with them from song selection and arranging, through the music and vocal sessions, all the way through the mixdown. The producer helps you “get it all together” and he uses his vast recording experience to make sure every aspect of your new project is the very best it can be. We feel like we have the absolute finest in the business working with us here at Harvest. Call us for details!

Back Up Vocals: Should you choose to have professional back up vocals added to your project, we will be happy to help. Our vocalists are amazing and can add that touch of “polish” to any recording. The cost for a trio of singers is usually $85.00 per song with at least a five song minimum. There are some exceptions, please call for details.

Soundtracks: Soundtracks of your session are available to you on CD. This cost is $165.00. An extra backup CD is $60.00.

Soundtrack Leasing: Many artists have been choosing to use prerecorded soundtracks from companies like Daywind and Christian World for their projects. If you choose to do this, the tracks must be leased from their owner. In almost every case we can handle this very important step for you. The average cost seems to be $150.00 to $175.00 per song. Please call for details.

Studio Rental: We have been noticing that more and more artists choosing to put more than 12 hours into their recordings. Our studio rental rate is $70.00 per hour. Depending on availability, our studios may be made available to Gospel artists who want to work only on an hourly basis, for demos or full projects. There is a four hour minimum to book the studio on weekdays, and a twelve hour minimum to book a Saturday. Our hourly rate does include an engineer and full use of all studio equipment.

Royalties/Song Licensing: It is the responsibility of you, the artist, to obtain your licenses and pay all royalties. Harvest Gospel Studio does not do this for you, but we will be happy to assist you as much as we can. We highly recommend you follow through with this. Click HERE to get more information on this very important topic.

Sound Equipment Sales: Harvest Gospel Studio is an authorized dealer for some of the finest sound equipment in the world. We are dealers for Crown and Crest amplifiers, Community, JBL, Tannoy, EAW and Renkus-Heinz loudspeakers, Audio Technica, Audix and AKG microphones, Crest, Soundcraft and Allen And Heath consoles, dbx, Furman, Sabine, Lexicon and TC Electronics signal processing and much, more. We can help you with all your concert or church sound needs. Again, please call for details!

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